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Housekeeping and cleaning services in Salcombe and the South Hams

Housekeeping services for luxury property in South Devon and East Cornwall

Presenting your home as you would like to find it...

When you sign up for your luxury property management services in South Devon or East Cornwall, you receive a dedicated, expert property manager and access to our service 24/7, tailored housekeeping services and in-house laundry services, and you access our array of other property services like handyman services, and also goods like guest hampers. 

Tailored to 4+ bedroom 4 -5 star properties across South Devon and East Cornwall (exceptional 3 bed properties too!), we provide all of the luxury property management services you need, reliably, for your holiday home or private second home to operate successfully. 

We provide your property for your preferred use; we don't market it.  But we can help you to find the right letting solution for your personal and commercial requirements, from expert niche agents achieving high margins like Perfect Stays, through the big players with impressive marketing algorithms like Sykes with 15,000 properties, to the new wave of inexpensive online travel agents like HomeAway with support from professional hosts like

Our in-house luxury housekeeping service is built on 17 years' experience, all our team is employed and fully trained, with requisite PPE and uniform, and every particular of how you like your property left.  We endeavour to maintain consistently exceptional standards through a careful process of high level, ongoing training; detailed documentation in the form of your own dedicated Property Index to ensure everything is presented to your specifications, from the positioning of the cushions to the location of the Christmas tree; and transparent communications.

We care for your South Devon or East Cornwall holiday home with the care and attention to detail that your luxury property deserves so that it looks and feels exactly as you like, whenever you or your guests arrive. 


Having started as a Salcombe and Kingsbridge holiday home caretaking company in 2004, now Pebbles provides superior housekeeping services and holiday home cleaning to luxury properties in South Devon, the South Hams, East Cornwall and surrounding areas, in combination with a luxury property management service

The agencies we have relationships with include Toad Hall CottagesCoast & CountryBlueriver Cottages and Salcombe Holiday Homes in the South Hams, to niche agents Perfect Stays and Unique Home Stays, and increasingly with online travel agents such as HomeAwayAirbnb and Sawday's through hosting businesses like and
Salcombe cleaning services with Pebbles of Salcombe

Maintaining elite housekeeping standards

Pebbles' South Devon housekeeping services has honed its management processes to create a team structure that delivers the highest quality as a proactive stand alone service or part of our wider South Devon property management service.  

By recruiting the best local talent and nurturing our team through training, housekeeping qualifications, development and incentives, quality control is a practice that we continue to evolve on a daily basis with our Dartmouth, Kingsbridge, Bigbury, Noss Mayo and Loddisell cleaners. 

Housekeepers in Salcombe and the South Hams

We provide initial and ongoing training for good housekeeping and holiday home cleaning services, incorporating external expertise, interdepartmental training and ongoing monitoring to give our members of staff confidence in their work at holiday homes and private second homes in South Devon and East Cornwall.

Salcombe cleaners and housekeepers

Our tailored Property Index for holiday homes

The Property Index is a key part of Pebbles' elite holiday home management services, allowing us to really take care of the details in every facet of housekeeping services, holiday home cleaning and property management at your South Devon holiday home or private second home.  

It is a detailed document, populated with photos and facts to show exactly how your property should be presented for you and your guests, down to the position of the cushions on the sofa.  

South Devon properties constantly change and update, so the Property Index develops as well.  It is a working document that allows us to make sure we get all the little things correct without misinterpretation throughout the life of your property.  

In addition to their detailed holiday home cleaning checklist, the Index helps our housekeepers to have the tools and knowledge they need to do everything to an exceptional level when they are at your Devon holiday home. 

A big thank you for sending us your three lovely ladies to clean Vine Cottage, they did a marvellous job!
Sasha James

Cleaner and Housekeeper in Salcombe and the South Hams

Our Salcombe in-house laundry 

To achieve the highest and most consistent standards possible and avoid loss or damage to linens that can be associated with third party laundries, Pebbles has its own in-house Salcombe laundry.

We will collect and deliver laundry in keeping with your South Hams property management and housekeeping schedule, and as with all elements of our service we can tailor the laundry service to suit your needs.

We continuously update service protocols for health and safety, and during the Covid-19 pandemic initiated a dedicated Safeguarding Programme. For example, everything that we wash goes through a minimum 60 degrees celsius, or as per manufacturer recommendations, and all bed linens, towels and kitchen linens are washed at a minimum of 60 degrees celsius. 

Can I just compliment you and the team on how well laundered the Phoenix House contents have been during the year and the great care that Natasha is taking on our behalf . The cleaning teams have also done very well.  Many thanks for all your help. 
Joanna Higgins

Housekeeping in Salcombe

Love the details

Our goal is for our Salcombe holiday home cleaning and housekeeping teams to present your South Devon property in the way that you would like to find it. 

We know that the difference really is in the details, so it matters to us which way the cushions face, that their labels are hidden and that our team checks and re-checks with a senior member of staff that the end product meets Pebbles' standards.

Cleaning and housekeeping services in Salcombe

So, from the signed ownership note and feedback cards left for you and your guests by your South Devon Housekeeper, to the final checks done by Senior Housekeepers after the team has finished their work, and even the little stickers we put on the kitchen roll to avoid ‘dog eared’ corners, we have honed precise methods to make sure that what greets you when you enter your home is nothing short of exceptional.

Housekeeping team

How Pebbles Housekeeping ensures quality control

For 14 years we’ve honed our elite Housekeeping through trained skills, good housekeeping qualifications and experience to deliver a sustainably high quality of service.


property management software

Pebbles' custom built Property Dashboard property management software

As part of our good housekeeping practices, after six years of planning, designing and strategising, Pebbles launched unique property management software for clients, which keeps you up-to-date with your property in real time.