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About Pebbles of Salcombe

A successful property company founded 2004

Why do clients entrust us with the keys to their treasured property and colleagues their careers in property refurbishment, property management and property services?  You will have your own particular reasons, of course, and we look forward to being able to offer assistance with those, but these are familiar...

Pebbles provides a fantastic service, they are an absolutee pleasure to work with, and give me real peace of mind.

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Trust and transparency

We’re not trying to be all things to all people.  We’re not letting agents, engineers, or builders.  We know our South Devon property management business and we’re sticking to it.  We know what properties need (although technology, visitors and the weather will try to catch us out), we know someone who can meet that need if our own skills aren't able to, and we complete the task to a high standard (with value in mind), when it needs to be done.  Throughout the process we keep you fully informed, whether you're looking for Salcombe property management, estate management, housekeeping, refurbishment or gardening - we don’t like being either end of a surprise!

Reaching for the stars

We’re never satisfied with 'acceptable'.  We work at understanding and appreciating what ‘exceptional’ property management means to our clients and we aim to achieve it for them every time.  Practically, that means innovating, training, coaching, reviewing, and more innovating.  It’s a continuous process because exceptional service and design constantly evolves, but that’s exactly where the joy lies for us – reaching for the stars.

Knowledge and skills

We like learning and we like rubbing shoulders with associates who are experts in their profession.  Perhaps it’s because of James and Deb’s previous careers in teaching, but with more than 14 years of experience there’s no doubt that Pebbles offers uniquely relevant knowledge to the Salcombe property management market, as well as qualified skills to our clients and the broader industry.  

The best jobs in Salcombe

For example, the management team spends a lot of time focused on recruiting the best people, developing skilled careers fitted to the South Hams’ work-life balance, and providing the professional and personal support needed to maintain the best team in a small coastal community.  

Salcombe property refurbishment experts

We maintain great relationships with a network of associates to dovetail their knowledge where ours reaches its limit - like our architects, engineers, and letting agents.  

We even provide consultancy services to friends in the South Devon holiday home management and services industry – only because they’ve asked we hasten to add.  

We’re not used to being the centre of attention, we're far better at focusing on the details. We think our job is to make sure your property runs smoothly so you can enjoy it and forget about us altogether until you’d like to improve it.  

So we’ll stop here.  If you’d like to know more about us, you can see and read more on our newsfeed.  Or you can call or drop in to discuss your property, which being people people, we’d far prefer.

Deep cleaning services

Responding to the needs of our clients and the community

We pride ourselves on having a dynamic, responsive team, who are able to adapt services to the needs and requirements of holiday home owners as they need us. 

However, we are also a community focused team, mindful of always acting in a way that supports our team as well as the businesses and individuals around us, whether they be clients, partners or members of the communities in which we live and work. 

With that in mind, our services are constantly under review, from the products we use to our customer service, additional service offerings to the allocation of resource to support urgent or evolving needs and requirements.

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