Our tailored gardening services make the most of your outdoor environment

Led by Reece Ellingham our gardening team is a talented group of individuals. Together, they are energetic and passionate about the preservation and maintenance of gardens in the South Devon and East Cornwall area.

Highly skilled and knowledgeable, our gardeners are well able to handle the challenges presented by our unique landscape and coastal microclimate.  

Our gardeners are uniquely placed to understand and cater to the requirements of your private holiday home and/or holiday let. By creating a tailored gardening schedule to suit the year-round requirements of your garden, we’ll ensure that your garden continues to feel like your own whilst making the care and maintenance easy and reliable, so that you and your guests can enjoy it to the full whenever you visit.

Pebbles gardening services include general maintenance, hedges, lawns, pruning, waste disposal, recycling, composting, seasonal planting, patio cleaning, garden furniture maintenance and tree work.

“We are so pleased and must pass on a huge thank you to all involved, including Reece and his landscaping and gardening team.”

Rose | Owner of a Private Holiday Home in Kingsbridge

“The house was so lovely to come into today the gardens and steps etc all look so tidy and really well kept so a huge thank you to Reece and his team! It felt like home. My husband said how nice it was to have everything looking so well cared for. Really really appreciate everyone’s time and hard work. Thank you.

Lucy | Owner of a Private Holiday Home | Salcombe

Gardening Services and Maintenance

Meet Head Gardener,
Reece Ellingham

An experienced manager skilled in logistics management, Reece’s team organisation, task schedule and client communication means we deliver a dependable service to unerringly high standards.

Our talented team

Our gardening team blends years of experience and knowledge with enthusiasm and attention to detail so that we achieve the best result for every client.

A tailored annual maintenance schedule

From the basics, such as sweeping and tidying, to the intricacies of fine gardening, our garden maintenance team offer a multifaceted service tailored to the needs of you and your property.

Adding value to your property

A beautiful and tidy garden not only creates joy but also adds value; whether through guests rebooking a visit or preparing your property for sale. Let us create a good first impression for you, your guests and potential buyers.

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How the service works

  • Once you contact Pebbles, we can arrange a meeting in person or on the phone between you and Gardens Manager Reece, who will discuss your ideas, plans and objectives for your garden, to tailor a schedule of works to your requirements and make sure everything is done as well as possible.

  • We schedule maintenance throughout the year in keeping with the requirements of you and your property throughout the different seasons.

  • We pride ourselves on swift response times for any specific requests or actions.

  • The team always keep you informed by phone, email and our exclusive Customer Dashboard complete with written and photo updates.

  • Pebbles Gardening is available as a standalone service but is also available as part of the wider Property Management service.

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