Maintenance – the skills needed when they’re needed, 24/7

Exceeding expectations without inconvenience 

Our aim is for your property to meet and exceed your needs and expectations during your and/or your guests’ visits.

In addition to our in-house skilled team of maintenance technicians, we have access to an unrivalled range of external skills trades, who are regularly accredited, for planned and unplanned property maintenance and refurbishment. We can call up on qualified electricians, green energy engineers, gas and oil plumbers, fire and other safety compliance providers at a moment’s notice, to the knowledge of your Property Manager, they will be fully informed to act effectively.

Our Contractor Accreditation Scheme to ensures that the business people we work with and recommend are good value, highly skilled and fully insured.

We hold copies of keys so we won’t inconvenience your the plans of you or your guests, should we need to visit unexpectedly.

Our inhouse maintenance services include refurbishment, hot tub and pool maintenance, electrical, locksmith, window cleaning, carpentry, plumbing carpet cleaning, decorating, fencing, plastering, plumbing, tiling and pressure washing. This is not an exhaustive list.

“A million thanks for promptly organising the plumber. He’s been and repaired! Nothing is ever too much trouble when I message you and I wanted to let you know how wonderful you are.”

Owner of a Luxury Holiday Let | Salcombe

“Thank you again for arranging the power washing and exterior painting. The outside looks much fresher after being neglected during lockdown.“

Owner of a Private Holiday Home | Looe

Property Maintenance

We cannot guarantee that everything will work perfectly all the time, but what we can do is be at your home within an hour to resolve the issue. With access to our Management Service and network of partners 24/7/365, there has yet to be a problem we can’t solve – and we’re regularly challenged!

A 5-star service

With a uniformed, in-house maintenance team, we provide a high level of visible property care similar to that of serviced apartments. Yet the standards we offer are more comparable to that of a 5-star hotel.

Spotless window cleaning

No doubt the view from your windows attracted you to your property. To ensure that it is always perfectly framed, our window cleaners provide a dependable schedule of window cleaning tailored to your requirements, inside and out.

Looking after your hot tub or pool

Allow our qualified technicians to take care of your hot tub or pool. Consistent, charted care ensures it will perform better, last longer with safe pH levels and the water sparkle, so you or your guests can relax into it.

Introducing our refurbishment partner

REFURB from Salcombe is our recommended dedicated refurbishment partner for holiday homes. Bringing together the right expertise for each project for absent owners, from fitting out a holiday home  to renovating an entire holiday home, REFURB, can manage every aspect of your refurbishment a holiday home refurbishment project.U1]U1]

Planned and reactive maintenance

  • We will ask you to pre-authorise a Minor Works Budget (MWB) for reactive minor works or purchases, limited to £150.00 including VAT.

  • This will allow your Property Manager, acting for you and as you would yourself, to quickly instruct necessary minor maintenance tasks, which we will then manage and review the completion of minor maintenance on your behalf e.g. loose door handle repair. It also means that we can procure and place general minor inventory items e.g. glassware.

  • Planned, and also reactive significant reactive maintenance, tasks projects and management.

  • All maintenance events of a cost above the level pre-authorised by your package are agreed by you in writing in advance of works, following presentation of a written works estimate from the your Property Manager.

  • To enable us to select our Partner Specialists objectively each year we keep a strict policy of declining gifts, fees & and incentives.  

  • Maintenance events are chargeable in addition to your management package. We charge an arrangement fee of 12.5% on the Partner Specialist’s invoice.
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