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Salcombe garden maintenance with Pebbles of Salcombe

Pebbles gardening and maintenance

Pebbles Gardening team is a talented group of individuals lead by Reece Ellingham. Together, they are passionate about the preservation and maintenance of gardens in Salcombe and the surrounding South Hams area.   

The Pebbles Gardening team is small and highly skilled, focusing on the challenges of the unique landscape in the South Hams and specialising in coastal gardening characterised by the contours and climate from Salcombe and Kingsbridge to Totnes and Bigbury-on-Sea.  

Our team are also uniquely placed to understand and cater to the requirements of second home owners and holiday home owners, creating a tailored schedule to suit the year-round requirements of your garden, whilst also making sure it continues to feel like your own, ultimately making caring for your garden easy and reliable, and allowing you to enjoy it to the full when you visit. 

Pebbles gardening services include: 

  • General maintenance
  • Hedges
  • Lawns
  • Pruning
  • Waste disposal
  • Recycling
  • Composting
  • Seasonal planting
  • Patio cleaning
  • Garden furniture maintenance
  • Tree work

The team team have made a huge improvement to the garden so I can now envisage the point where it is back under control again...relief!
Private Client, near Kingsbridge

How it works

  • Once you contact Pebbles, we can arrange a meeting in person or on the phone between you and Gardens Manager Reece, who will discuss your ideas, plans and objectives for your garden, to tailor a schedule of works to your requirements and make sure everything is done as well as possible.
  • We schedule maintenance throughout the year in keeping with the requirements of you and your property throughout the different seasons.
  • We pride ourselves on swift response times for any specific requests or actions.
  • The team always keep you informed by phone, email and our exclusive Customer Dashboard complete with written and photo updates.The Pebbles Gardening team is overseen by and accountable to the senior operations management team.
  • Pebbles Gardening is available as a standalone service, but is also available as part of the wider Property Management service.
  • The Pebbles Gardening team is overseen by and accountable to the senior operations management team.

A annual garden maintenance schedule tailored to your needs

From the basics, such as sweeping and tidying, to the intricacies of fine gardening, our Salcombe garden maintenance team offer a multifaceted service tailored to the needs of you and your month-to-month visit.  

That ranges from mowing the lawn and treating it periodically for moss to weeding and pruning of trees and shrubs to ensure healthy plants are shaped as you prefer. We pay careful attention to planting to help your garden mature and help plants thrive in the coastal climate. 

Importantly, we always dispose of waste responsibly, recycling and composting wherever possible. These and many more features are part of our South Devon gardening maintenance service.

Adding value to your property

We understand that the main reason that you have your property is to enjoy it, and that’s the main reason for maintaining a beautiful and tidy garden.  However, you may also want your property to work for you. 

Maybe you let it out to holidaymakers, in which case enjoying the outdoors is an intrinsic part of a Devon holiday and having a welcoming, joyful outdoor space can be part of encouraging guests to rebook time and again. Maybe you also want to maintain your property or prepare it for a potential sale. We have helped clients to prepare a property for market, including the garden. 

Of course, that’s easier done over time as a garden matures, but we can also help last minute by tidying up and creating a good first impression for potential buyers.

Reece Ellingham

Meet Head Gardener, Reece Ellingham

An experienced manager, Reece joined us in 2020. He oversees the small team taking care of multiple clients’ gardens across the South Hams. 

His skilled logistics management makes his organisation of the team, schedule and communications with clients make him a trustworthy point of contact delivering a dependable service and unerringly high standards. Reece personally visits each property regularly and is the direct point of contact for clients when it comes to updates, requests or questions about their garden maintenance.

Gardens team

The team

The Pebbles Gardening team is completed with the presence of Charlie and David.  

Charlie is the longest serving member of the Pebbles Gardening team. Born green-fingered, he has a degree in biology and is superbly knowledgable about what he does. Most of all, he loves being in the gardens and helping them thrive. 

Originally from London and RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) qualified, David has a wealth of plant knowledge that helps to bring gardens to life with plants that suit the different soil conditions and climate variations across the South Hams. Having formerly worked at a number of prestigious addresses, he’s friendly, easy to talk to and an expert in his field.

Case studies

Hallsands: Hallsands is a small collection of apartments (are they properties e.g houses not apartments)  that are under the Estate Management team at Pebbles, and the Pebbles Gardening team were asked to prepare a quote for the maintenance of the communal gardens when the previous gardener retired. The job was put out to tender in the interests of fairness, but owners chose to work with the Pebbles team. As a result, our team visit every fortnight to tend the lawns and to keep the section of the coast path that goes through the grounds tidy. On separate contracts, the team also looks after two of the private gardens within the estate.

Fort Charles: The owners of Fort Charles at North Sands contacted Pebbles with a short deadline to tidy up the extensive cliffside gardens quickly in order to prepare the property for sale. The garden had run wild in a short space of time, and they had little notice to prepare it for marketing photography. We were able to reorganise our roster to accommodate the short notice and made the garden presentable in accordance with a clear set of instructions from the owner.

The Wood: The Wood is a beautiful property overlooking South Sands, where we did the original work for the previous owners. Under the new owners we were asked to choose new pots, clear select areas, which included the removal of trees, plant new borders and update the gardens in line with the refurbished property. It is a large garden on a typical Devon slope, and one where we now do ongoing general maintenance to keep on top of it and make sure it’s tidy and ready for the family and visitors to enjoy.

Woodbine Cottage: A property in Thurlestone, Woodbine has always been a second home and there had been a gap between the gardener under the previous owners, and the new ones, which had led to the grounds getting (becoming)a little out of control. A new client for Pebbles Gardening, we have so far brought the garden back to its original tidy state, removing a couple of overgrown trees and cutting the  hedges sympathetically with the seasons to ensure their optimum growth. Working in conjunction with the maintenance side of the team, there are a number of landscaping jobs currently underway including the raising of a bank and construction of a seating area. We will be continuing with ongoing gardens maintenance at the property and are currently preparing schedules to maximise the enjoyment of the gardens in the summer months.