Finding synergy when letting direct with AirBnB or Vrbo

In an Uber world, the way we manage services of all kinds has changed exponentially with the increased user friendliness of all things digital.  

For property owners providing a luxury holiday let from a distance, two accompanying events were also necessary.

  1. The first was a wide change in public mindset to book holiday properties direct which really started to take off with the explosion of AirBnB in 2015/16.  
  2. The second was the provision of on-site services that allow for the ongoing care of both the property and its guests when it comes to housekeeping changeovers, property checks and maintenance emergencies (such as lost keys, broken boilers, weather damage or leaks).
A trend towards independence

Since assisting absent home owners from 2004, we have seen a trend towards independent property lettings amongst clients, with more than a third now choosing a platform such as AirBNB or Vrbo over other letting agencies.  

Hosts like HolidayHost and HostandStay work in tandem with online travel agents and provide a flexible letting solution, safety compliance, guest and booking management and financial administration.

Creating synergy

For Pebbles Property Management clients, this shift is accompanied by ease of mind as well as financial gain. Always at the forefront of technology to underpin our service, our new app, MyHome, coordinates bookings with scheduled cleaning, gardening, and maintenance events.

Pebbles has a longstanding and positive relationship with all holiday home letting agencies and platforms catering for the South West.   Our property management function has always harmonised well with the expertise within that letting industry.  

While AirBNB or a letting agency looks after the property marketing and bookings, we make sure your home is properly cared for, changeovers are handled with reliable ease and precision, and that you and your guests find your property as you would like it to be presented.

Greater control and transparency with MyHome

MyHome puts greater control and transparency into the hands of the homeowner at all levels, so you can rest in the knowledge that all the Property Management matters remain professionally cared for.  The result is a successful, valuable independently let holiday home.

MyHome will keep you updated about your property in real time, whether that’s updating you on the status of your latest property maintenance or housekeeping visit, gardening visits, or refurbishment works.  Crucially for individual lettings however, the dashboard will allow you to see all schedules arranged for your property such as the next time the window cleaner is visiting, alongside all bookings for holiday home owners, even if you use more than one letting agent.

You are always in control of your property services. You can make changes to the schedule to accommodate your own plans and you always have the most up to date information to hand. This means that you can oversee all aspects of the booking process with ease when it comes to independent lettings.

It’s your home, it’s your choice

Of course, the interface also works well with traditional property letting agencies as well, and for some the role of independent letting platforms will remain of lesser appeal.  

With all this flexibility, you can take advantage of all pick ’n’ mix of options available when it comes to letting your home.

After all, it’s your home and if that’s a luxury holiday let, Pebbles wants to help you to achieve that in the way that best suits you, whichever option you choose.

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