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Why Overbeck’s National Trust property chose to work with Pebbles

In the whole of the UK, Overbecks is unique amongst National Trust homes, for it its outsourced property management.  They chose to work with Pebbles Estate Management to make sure the property is reliably cared for out of hours.  Here’s why they chose to work with Pebbles… 

Why did you choose to work with Pebbles?

As custodians of this beautiful property and the collections it holds, we have to make sure that it is secure 24-hours a day.  Normally as a National Trust property we do that in-house, but it’s harder in this part of the world where staff don’t always live within the required distance, so we had to think outside the box.  

In a town where there are a lot of second homes we knew there was a high standard of property management and having gained the approval from the National Trust to seek outside help we came to Pebbles by word of mouth Pebbles after having received numerous recommendations about their reliability.  

Obviously this is a property that’s been left to the nation so we needed someone trustworthy to work with and following conversations with James and Debs, and having trialled it for a few months, it’s working well!

What do you feel you get out of working with a local company rather than a big national one?

I think it’s the fact that there’s that personal relationship.  We have our own property manager in the form of Debs (at Pebbles) who knows us and our team.  

We stay in easy and regular contact and the relationship it’s not faceless.  We also have to have someone available to be at the property within a very short space of time, and that was our prerequisite.  It’s almost like they are part of the in-house team which is lovely!

What are you looking forward to from working with Pebbles?

That ongoing trustworthiness – it’s not just as simple as it being a personal house, it’s been left to the nation forever, so we need to know that whoever’s doing our out of hours is completely trustworthy.  

It’s that absolute confidence that we have that out of office hours we are looking after the property and collection to the best of our ability.

It’s almost like they are part of the in-house team which is lovely!