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Working at Pebbles of Salcombe

Why work at Pebbles in Salcombe?

With a family background, Pebbles maintains its essence of caring for the people we work with, investing in local talent for seasonal or permanent roles, and assisting and nurturing individuals to grow within the business for fulfilling, long term careers in South Devon, Salcombe, Dartmouth, Kingsbridge, Bigbury, Noss Mayo and Loddiswell. 

Why work at Pebbles of Salcombe?

We've got a great team now and who knows what might happen next!

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Jobs at Pebbles of Salcombe

A family run business

Pebbles may have grown since it was first founded in 2004 but it retains the friendly, supportive and professional working environment that it has been built on by its mother-and-son owners Deborah and James.  Examples are the team photo and reward board in the staff room (with a sea view!), the abundance of training and culture of coaching for everyone, and the team meeting breakfasts – even the infamous Christmas Party at Buckland Tout Saints!  Like a family, we work together for each other, as well as for our clients and partners.

Career opportunities with Pebbles of Salcombe

Outstanding locations

Pebbles is primarily based in state of the art offices in the heart of Salcombe, offering housekeeping and property management services in Salcombe, Dartmouth, Kingsbridge, Bigbury, Noss Mayo and Loddiswell.  After recent investment and renovations undertaken by our very own refurbishment team and network of tradespeople partners, the light and spacious environment is replete with spectacular views of the water from the new staffroom.  If you’re lucky enough to leave the office to work in the field, you’ll be spending time in a selection of the most exceptional properties in the UK, all situated within five to 45-minutes drive of Salcombe.

Leading remuneration packages

Leading remuneration – the bottom line £s!

In 2013 we agreed that we would seek to offer above-industry remuneration for everyone at Pebbles, always.  Our clients expect the best, so we need to be a team of the best, which isn’t possible if the company isn’t prepared to pay well.

To achieve our aim we compare the remuneration packages we offer annually to make sure we’re staying a step ahead.

We guarantee an annual increase in basic salary, we provide commissions and bonus opportunities for everyone, we invest twice the amount we’re expected to invest in everyone’s pension, we pay expenses including mileage, and much more. 

We’re not all about the bottom line but we know that the bottom line counts first for most people and we want to provide the best property management, housekeeping and cleaning jobs in Salcombe that we can.

Career development at Pebbles of Salcombe

Career development

At Pebbles we know that to keep a team of successful and happy individuals, we need to continuously invest in everyone in our team.  We all need our strengths nurtured and we all need help and support to turnaround our weaknesses. We work at this for everyone in the team, whichever area they work in, which in practical terms means that you will have a dedicated line manager who will help you to make the most of your job, will organise your initial training and ongoing training programme, will meet with you for frequent one-to-ones, will present and engage you at team meetings, will be flexible when you need it, and celebrate with you when you are on you’re A-game.

Working as part of Pebbles of Salcombe's team

A one-year thing is now a full time role in an exciting company with lots of opportunity to progress in my job in Salcombe.

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Being a summer cleaning at Pebbles

Joining Pebbles for the third year in a row as a seasonal member of the housekeeping team, Jemima has found that being a Cleaner at Pebbles gives her the flexibility to work and earn well around her studies.


Supporting local talent

Nurturing local talent is one of the cornerstones of our business and at Pebbles our minds are firmly focused on supporting our staff, both seasonal and permanent.