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Finding the right fit: which is the right letting solution for your holiday home?

As you know we’ve always put the client first when taking care of them here at Pebbles. Over the last few years owners have asked us, more and more frequently, for the best way to let their holiday home. 

Pebbles has always had a policy of declining referral fees offered by marketing agents and hosting service providers because we have wanted to be free to give honest and impartial advice that’s right for the client. Despite being offered incentives for our recommendations (and we do make recommendations, regularly) we’ve never banked them. That’s a position we continue to hold. 

With our level of experience and market knowledge, we’ve developed a valuable skill for matchmaking owners and their properties with the best letting solution for them. After all, every client and every property is different, and with near two decades in the business we’ve got to know the subtle differences in their needs.  

How Pebbles remains impartial 

When discussing letting requirements, our representatives are trained to pay careful attention when listening to what you want to achieve. Like Property Consultant Kim Richards, who asks questions about how much flexibility you want for you own personal use at the property, whether you’re looking to have the house let all the time or just for the peak weeks, whether you require a reserve price on out of season lets to minimise loss making bookings and whether you want to be directly involved in the administration. These and other questions help her to understand which letting solution is the best fit for you would be.

The benefits of different holiday home letting solutions 

The niche and long established independent marketing agents, such as Perfect Stays, Unique Home Stays and Toad Hall Cottages, are amazing for those who want to let their luxury holiday home as much as possible.  They have marketing teams with contacts at all the national magazines and other publications, they have tech teams to maximise social media opportunities and location specific marketing, and they offer much more besides including safety compliance.  If you want to let your holiday home all year round, a niche or long established independent marketing agent is the best fit. For this more premium service, there is an understandably a premium price, ranging 23% – 30% of the letting fee including vat.

Meanwhile, hosts like HolidayHost or HostandStay offer a lower cost alternative with an average commission of 11%. However, they rely for marketing your holiday home on the online travel agents, such as VRBO and its 20+ platforms including HomeAway and Expedia with an additional fee of 3%.  The combined fee is 14%. A host will provide a flexible letting solution, safety compliance, guest and booking management and financial administration. If you want to use your holiday home yourself and perhaps let your holiday home from 10 up to 30 weeks of the year, then this is likely to be the best fit. 

Why it’s important to find the right fit for you and your holiday home

Getting the right fit for you is very important because if it’s the wrong fit the letting experience will not be enjoyable to you and your property will not achieve the bookings and the financial return that you deserve. The last thing that we want is for you to be unhappy with the experience that you’re having in any area of your holiday home. 

In the last 12 months we have been asked for advice by a lot of clients, some of whom are new to letting their holiday home. The rise in demand for holiday homes to rent, due to the pandemic, has created an opportunity to capitalise on a property like never before. Naturally, when you’re letting your beloved holiday home for the first time, there can be anxiety about the process and that’s exactly why we offer free consultancy on the topic to our clients.

If you are thinking about letting your holiday home and would like to speak to us about finding the right fit for you, contact your Property Manager or our Property Consultant Kim Richards any time.