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Hot tub and pool maintenance in Salcombe, Kingsbridge, Hope Cove and Bigbury

Hot tub & Pool Maintenance

Our pool maintenance service is provided by a qualified CIMSPA Associate member of our Salcombe –based team of Maintenance Technicians.  An Associate Member of CIMSPA has achieved the National Pool Plant Operators Certificate Level 3, which provides the skills and knowledge to operate the plant, ensuring that swimming conditions are safe when open to the public.  Our Pool Maintenance Technicians are registered on the Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity’s Register of Pool Plant Professionals.

Each technician is concerned with proper circulation, filtration, disinfection, pH correction and heating, along with maintaining water ‘balance’ through correct testing. The following are key tasks undertaken at each visit:

  • Water testing
  • Dosing as required
  • Back washing all filters
  • Clearing & cleaning all skimmer baskets
  • Cleaning water scum lines
  • Chaeck of temperature and adjustment as required
  • Check of safety & plant equipment
The Pool Maintenance Technician will liaise with the external plant technician on the annual planned maintenance visit and any unplanned maintenance requirements to achieve minimal downtime on the facilities.

Our hot tub and pool maintenance services to homes in Salcombe, Kingsbridge, Hope Cove, Thurlestone, Bigbury and the surrounding areas.

Wayne does a great job.  The pool water was crystal clear when I visited.
Duncan Massey,
Director of The Salcombe

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