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Why property management is not just for properties that let: PART 3

At Pebbles, more than half our clients do not let their South Devon properties, instead keeping them as private second homes for their own enjoyment.  So why do they enlist the services of a company managing luxury property?  

In this three-part discussion we have looked at the ways in which the right South Devon property management company can help you to maximise your enjoyment of your private second home, as well as the issue of security in your absence.  

In this, the third and final section, we talk about ongoing and unexpected maintenance that impacts your peace of mind both when you’re away from your property and when you want to spend time enjoying it.

Giving you peace of mind while you’re away from your property

Of course, it’s not just the security of your property that can play on your mind when you’re away for a long time; it’s also the general maintenance of it.  In the winter, South Devon has been known to experience storm damage to properties, whether it be from falling trees or the wear and tear of the weather causing leaks or exterior damage.  

In addition, plumbing and electricity has been known to have a mind of its own, whatever time of the year.  We’ve even come up against some pretty temperamental Agas in our time, and the last thing you want when you arrive on your long-awaited holiday is to be greeted with a catalogue of repairs, especially the kind that rack up large expenses when left untreated for a period of time.

Again, this is where our regular property checks, supported by a highly trusted maintenance team and relationships with experienced partner specialists, have proven valuable time and again.  We can pick up on any problems in a timely manner and see that they are addressed - updating you regularly with a status, photos and solution options via SMS and our Customer Dashboard.  

If we know bad weather is coming in, we will do an extra property check in addition to scheduled checks, to make sure the property is secure.  For example, we will ensure that windows are closed and garden furniture is safely stored away.  Following any storms, we will do another on-site check to see if any damage has occurred, and take action accordingly.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be anything quite as dramatic as a storm to give you peace of mind.  If you happen to have left in a rush and have left the windows open, we’re there to take care of those details as well.  We’ve even been known to extract the odd snake setting up residence on occasion!

Key features of our service include:

• Weekly or fortnightly property checks as well as extra checks if necessary

• Regular follow up reports via SMS and Customer Dashboard 

• Our trusted team of maintenance technicians

• Our network of partner specialists allowing for expedited reaction times

Our Salcombe property management service is built on continuous improvement approach to quality.
Deborah Carson, Director