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Why property management is not just for properties that let: PART 2

At Pebbles, more than half our clients do not let their South Devon properties, instead keeping them as private second homes for their own enjoyment.  So why do they enlist the services of a company managing luxury property?  

In the first of this three-part discussion we looked at the ways in which the right South Devon property management company can help you to maximise your enjoyment of your private second home, and in part two we consider the issue of security in your absence.

Make sure your private second home is secure when you’re not there

If you’re leaving a property empty for a number of months, there is always a security risk.  With no one coming and going regularly a property can appear vulnerable, and if there was to be a problem, there’s no one there to notice and report it in good time.

Of course, we like to think that we live in a part of the world where these things won’t happen, and if they did, a good neighbour would do their civic duty. Nonetheless, with increasing numbers of properties empty in the winter months in popular holiday destinations such as Salcombe, our regular property checks are a simple and effective way to keep your property safe and secure, allowing us to check in case of any problems, and providing the visual security of regular visitors to your property.

We are also registered with Devon and Cornwall Police to act as a ‘keyholder’ to be contacted in case of an incident should anything happen at your home while you are away.  

These measures are supported by regular reporting to you, to keep you updated on your property status and give you peace of mind.  

These include SMS messages and written and photo (where necessary) updates to our custom designed Customer Dashboard, to which you will be given a dedicated login.

Key features of our service include:

• Weekly or fortnightly property checks

• Keyholder service

• Regular follow up reports via SMS and Customer Dashboard 

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