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Why property management is not just for properties that let: PART 1

At Pebbles, more than half our clients do not let their South Devon properties, instead keeping them as private second homes for their own enjoyment.  So why, might you ask, do they enlist the services of a company managing luxury property?  

In this three-part discussion over the coming weeks, we will discuss everything from your enjoyment to property security and your peace of mind when you’re away from your holiday home, starting with how to maximise your enjoyment of your private second home.

Maberly - Unique Home Stays

Property Consultant Kim has been invaluable in getting Maberly on to the market. She brings a wealth of expertise, ideas and solutions, and takes away the concerns and pressure the task inevitably brings.
Sophie Cornish, owner of Maberly

Find out more about turning a second home in to a holiday home

Maximise your enjoyment of your private second home 

There are usually two reasons for owning a holiday home in Kingsbridge, Salcombe, Bantham, Bigbury-on-Sea, Dartmouth, or any other part of South Devon; investment and personal enjoyment.  However, it is your own enjoyment which has the most immediate impact, and without enjoyment, owning a second home can quickly lose its appeal.

For many, their South Devon second home is a long way from their permanent residence, and coming here is intended to be a relaxing retreat from everyday life - a holiday home from home!

So arriving after a lengthy drive, sometimes late at night, to find a property where the heating needs to be switched on, the beds need to be made, the dripping tap still needs to be fixed and the fridge needs to be stocked, is a chore that detracts from the precious time you have to enjoy for yourself, or with family and friends.

Equally, when you leave, chances are you want to maximise your last day, not  spend it doing the laundry, writing a list of ‘maintenance to-dos’ and making sure everything is secure for your property to be left empty for a number of months.  Who wants to be driving up the M4 worrying that the windows are left open or the back door was left unlocked?  This is where your Property Manager and the service from Pebbles comes into maximise your holiday home ownership experience.