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Maberly - Unique Home Stays

Turning a luxury private second home in to an outstanding holiday home

Over the 15 years Pebbles has been in the holiday home industry, property management and property services in South Devon have become increasingly specialised, and it is to the credit of the industry that so many businesses supporting every layer of that industry, operate in the area.

Of course, the industry is at its most impressive when all those different businesses and components work together to achieve an exceptional holiday home.  At Maberly, a luxury private second home that Pebbles has worked with since 2014, that synergy was illustrated perfectly when owners chose to enter the holiday lettings market.

Helping home owners to find the perfect letting agent

Having developed a trusting relationship over the last four years, property owners at Maberly had always used Pebbles’ management, housekeeping and maintenance services to prepare the property for their visits. 

After a time, in conversations with their dedicated Property Manager Kim, they decided to welcome guests to their five star holiday home, and tentatively began to explore the opportunities.  With a wide number of letting agents available in Salcombe and the surrounding area, Kim arranged an open house day on behalf of the property owners and invited a selection of the top agents to make their proposals for the property, including projected earnings. 

Kim then took the time to discuss the options with the owners to decide which would be the best fit for them.  

Preparing the property for holiday lets

Having made a decision regarding the letting agent, Kim worked with the property owners and agent to meet the required adjustments to the property to suit the letting market.  This included some small refurbishment details that were overseen by Project Manager Katherine Spencer and her team, such as a new cloakroom, paintwork, new soft furnishings, and the addition of dressing tables and mirrors.   

Safety arrangements were co-ordinated and signed off, including the Fire Risk Assessment and commercial waste and recycling.  A customised Welcome Folder was developed, along with information on how to reach Pebbles 24/7 in case of an emergency, as well as specifications and manuals explaining the various kitchen and entertainment facilities available.  Housekeeping arrangements were made, including the procurement of long lasting, exquisite bedding, which was labelled, laundered and pressed to impress; and finally a full inventory was taken.

Once ready, agents did their final checks, organised with Kim to make things as easy as possible for the owners.  Following a photoshoot the property was ready for lettings from the end of April 2018.

Launch day

Pebbles continues to provide five star Property Management and Housekeeping services to the property in line with its new requirements, and the result is a luxury private second home which has become an outstanding holiday home with extraordinary revenue projections.

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