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Tree Surgery in Kingsbridge by Pebbles of Salcombe

Tree surgery at Bralo, Kingsbridge

In a beautiful garden in Kingsbridge, that age old gardening conundrum presented itself.  How do you preserve the beauty of an old oak tree as well as allow the sunlight to get into your garden when it has got rather too big for the space?

What we did

At Bralo, the owner’s patio was in shade all the time as a result of this beautiful big oak.  To trim it to maintain its health as well as bring sun into the garden was a delicate art for a talented tree surgeon.  

Fortunately, with Adrian at the proverbial helm, the Pebbles Gardening team were able to reduce the size of the oak without taking the tree down and damaging the garden. At the same time they pruned other shrubs in the garden, all allowing for more light and healthier growing space for all the resident flora and foliage.