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The challenges facing holiday apartment estates and how we handle them

Owning a holiday home has its challenges, particularly when bringing it to the letting market.  When your holiday property forms part of an estate however, the administration, management and health and safety involved takes on a new level of challenge with multiple owners and stakeholders.

With more than 16 years of property and estate management, Pebbles has honed its skills and experience to ease those challenges, not only to make the lives of owners and stakeholders easier, but to achieve positive solutions and a strong return on investment where you may not have previously thought it possible.

Savings stakeholders £15,000 in an NHBC claim

Blue View is a beautiful collection of four apartments in Salcombe with enviable views over Mill Bay.  Built in 2007, and with half the properties dedicated to private use and the other half as holiday lets, Pebbles Estate Management team has worked with owners since 2011.  

In recent years however, owners identified a series of issues with the original build that lead to water ingress in a number of areas in the garage, which was caused both a practical detriment to the enjoyment of the property as well as additional maintenance costs.  Concerns were also raised over the long term impact to the fabric of the building.  

As managing agent we offered to investigate the feasibility of a claim through the NHBC (National House Building Council), which offers consumer protection for homebuyers through its 10-year Buildmark warranty.  On completing the feasibility study it was confirmed that the NHBC would support a claim to remedy poor workmanship.  

Pebbles was then instructed to tender for the works and we successfully competed those works  in a period when the owners didn't require use of the building.  Had the owners had to pay for the works themselves, the sum cost would have been in the region of £15k.

Thank you! Everything was sorted to out, the builders were great and Pebbles has coordinated a great outcome for everyone.
Blue View Management Company, Howard Wimpory

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Initiative and savings for all owners of an empty estate on council tax

Pebbles worked with the iconic holiday apartment building, The Salcombe, for just over three years.  During that time, the building was closed for an extensive refurbishment project resulting in the unusual event whereby all apartments were empty for an extended period of time.

With an eye for detail, and always looking to safeguard the financial interests of all clients and estate stakeholders, Estates Manager Helen identified that property owners were likely entitled to a reduction in council tax while the building was closed.  

While the council requested that all owners apply for the reduction individually, which would have required an extensive amount of paperwork, Helen was successful in negotiating a credit on their behalf.  This was then applied without fuss to their accounts.

The solution Pebbles came up with [for communications] has been a small revolution.  Communication is much easier, and the owners are much happier!
Duncan Massey, Director at The Salcombe

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Experience and expertise in Section 20 consultations

An area that can cause enormous administrative strain as well as communications deadlocks with estate stakeholders are the Section 20 consultations on major works. These formal consultations a requirement of all owners of blocks and estates under the landlord and tenant act 1985, when it comes to major works exceeding a particular value for any individual apartment.

Pebbles has knowledge, experience and expertise in undertaking formal consultation for owners on major works for blocks.  The formal consultation has strict requirements that can onerous, but which are both necessary and beneficial for ongoing neighbourly relations.

Understanding that the time needed to apply and appreciating that these consultations can be extremely difficult for owners to manage, Pebbles has undertaken a number of consultations on behalf of owners for works up to a value of £500k.  

Our knowledge and communications have meant that ensuring all property owners reach an accord and that decisions run smoothly and efficiently has saved  time, money and relationships. 

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