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Safeguarding housekeeping jobs in the South Hams

As the South Hams prepares for the easing of lockdown next month, everyone’s health and safety is on our minds. Naturally, we can’t wait to get the opportunity to see Salcombe buzz with the arrival of happy faces enjoying this beautiful part of the world, and for many of us we are looking forward to returning to work for this prime time of the year.

However, with so many jobs in Salcombe and the South Hams revolving around hospitality and tourism, there is increasing need to ensure staff have safe and supportive working environments. Equally, to ensuring visitors feel reassured when visiting the area, we have all had to take extra care and consideration when it comes to the daily running of things.

At Pebbles, we have launched a unique Safeguarding Programme with that in mind, complete with a number of job opportunities, including those for individuals who want to work in family or friend ‘bubbles’ alongside those they live with.

The Safeguarding Programme has been designed to be incorporated into our existing housekeeping services and achieves a proportionate response to the risks of Covid-19.  We are retraining every employee, advising every contractor and informing all other parties involved with the holiday homes we care for, to make sure procedures are followed. 

Within that, we have introduced a range of Personal Protective Equipment including goggles for Housekeepers when they change beds, masks for maintenance personnel when sharing a vehicle is unavoidable, and additional uniforms for all colleagues to wear clean daily.  

We are also finalising new Safeguarding Programme communications, like the extension of our software to enable us to send a text message to guests 24 hours before departure. We’ve designed a badge for guest communications including holiday home marketing websites to reassure guests when they’re booking, and we also have new information sheets about the Safeguarding Programme for our Welcome folders.  

Our approach has exhausted Government Guidance available to-date (reviewed daily), it is benchmarked against travel industry practices, and in it we have tried to account for every particular recommendation from one or other of the many letting agents, in order to make sure employees, property owners, and guests all feel as safe and reassured as humanly possible when visiting or working at the properties we care for.

"You might like to know that you at Pebbles are far and away the best prepared that we have come across so far in the industry - I'm impressed."
Holiday home owner

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