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Safeguarding Programme

Safeguarding Programme – Launched June 2020

Keeping our employees, contractors, community, owners and their guests safe. 

During the lockdown, behind the scenes, we have been working diligently with one goal in mind: to safely facilitate the enjoyment of holiday homes by our clients and their guests.  

Coming into our 17th summer season, we are grateful to have the expertise and scale in our operation, to be able to achieve our goal.  The project team includes Risk Manager Sharon, HR Consultant Lauren, Communications Manager Bonnie, Head of Operations Laura and of course founders and directors Deborah and James.

As a result, we have the Safeguarding Programme, which not only provides holiday homes for safer use from the 4th of July but also gives you, and if you let also your guests, host and marketing provider, a higher level of confidence in your holiday home.

Our Safeguarding Programme achieves a proportionate response to the risks of Covid-19 across all our service areas, housekeeping and laundry services, through hamper provision and maid service, management and handyman services, and garden and hot tub maintenance. 

In June 2020 we are retraining every employee, advising every contractor and informing all other stakeholders in your holiday home, to make sure the new operational procedures are followed.  We have introduced a range of Personal Protective Equipment including goggles for Housekeepers when they change beds, masks for maintenance personnel when sharing a vehicle is unavoidable, and additional uniforms for all colleagues to wear clean daily.  

We are finalising new Safeguarding Programme communications, like the development of our in-house software. We’ve designed a badge and numerous other communications to help stakeholders in our services to stay alert and to reassure. 

Our approach has exhausted Government guidance available to-date (reviewed daily), it is benchmarked against travel industry practices, and in it we have tried to account for every particular recommendation from one or other of the many marketing agents – from the UK’s largest Sykes to the niche Perfect Stays, online travel agent HomeAway and flexible letting provider HolidayHost.

We cannot guarantee that the risks of COVID-19 in your Holiday Home are 100% mitigated but if you will forgive the pun on such a serious topic, Pebbles really has left no stone unturned.

As with all areas of our service, the Safeguarding Programme continues to undergo constant re-evaluation to ensure any necessary or recommended updates are incorporated as time goes on. 

If you would like to speak to us about the Safeguarding Programme, please call 01548 800415.

Pebbles Safeguarding Programme for housekeeping

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