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Regular assessments to help keep your property exceptional

Condition reports are now a valuable addition to your property management package and an important part of the way we help to maintain exceptional property standards year on year.  

For private second homes we know that this has proven particularly useful, not only in maintaining your own overall enjoyment of a property but also helping you to plan your works and household budgets.

For these reasons we carry out condition reports on private second homes every four years, incorporating photographic and text reporting informed by the knowledge of your dedicated Property Manager working with our experience Maintenance Manager.  

We cover both the interior and exterior of the property from the big jobs to the small details, we prioritise recommendations by criteria including risk to property and benefit to you, and we provide indicative costings based on our extensive knowledge. 

You can also rest assured that someone is keeping an accurate record of longer-term as well as shorter-term ad-hoc maintenance events, such as the last time the windows were painted or the carpets were cleaned.

To find out when your property is scheduled for its next Condition Report, contact your dedicated Property Manager.

You’ve been looking after Tides Watch for several months now and I think it’s worth saying that we’re very happy with the way things are going. It’s allowed us to relax and just enjoy Tides Watch. Thanks very much!
Neil Saunders, owner of Tides Watch

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