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Housekeeping - Salcombe

Property Management & Services - How we’re coming back better 

While the events of 2020 may have been unexpected, it hasn’t altered who we are, what we do and how we do it. If anything, it's re-enforced our values – to be caring, dependable, exceptional and good partners. With that in mind, we have undertaken a number of key developments. 

Our Safeguarding Programme was designed to keep employees, clients, guests and our community as safe as possible. We reviewed all risk procedures, retrained 84 employees and trained 30 new team members. To date, not a single employee has tested positive and confidence in our services has helped allow visits to the area to be as normal as possible. 

Other learnings have led us to make positive changes as well. We saw more clients via video call, which in some ways means we have more face-to-face communications than we would have done in the past, which we welcome. We have also incorporated more home working long-term, having seen positive benefits for the welfare of employees as well as reducing our work miles. 

Over the summer we began recruiting family ‘bubbles’ for seasonal housekeeping staff who wanted to contain their bubbles but still work. It was so successful that a number have stayed with us permanently. It is a policy we will continue to offer as it helps to maximise the number of people travelling in one vehicle (for environmental purposes) and helps maintain our quality of work. 

The furlough scheme was extremely valuable to our clients and their guests during the first lockdown. We have always employed team members, including cleaners, instead of paying an hourly rate to external contractors. 

This has been an unusual approach in our industry, and not a very commercial one however we felt it was key to service continuity and service quality, as well as being the ethical way to engage our team. The judgment paid off for our clients, their guests and the business because, we were able to place employees on furlough when they may otherwise have been left without an income for an extended period. Our team have returned that sense of loyalty, demonstrating commitment to their work, recommending us as an employer and allowing us to offer continuity in our service. Furthermore, we have been able to maintain almost all members of staff and provide new opportunities through 2020. Amongst those promoted is Housekeeper, Sophie Sweet, a budding artist we commissioned to do our Christmas card this year! 

On another note, we have developed a number of strategic relationships for the benefit of our holiday let clients, bringing safeguards, freedom and flexibility to enjoy their properties their way. They include HolidayHost, Boutique Retreats and Boshers specialist holiday let insurance providers. Finally, our hampers have been updated. One of our key suppliers was Cranch’s Pantry, which closed unexpectedly at the end of autumn half-term. We know how much guests love to receive a hamper and how they help encourage repeat bookings. Our new supplier is How Now Dairy. It’s a beautiful brand, aiming to be fully carbon neutral by 2022. They supply local, homemade goods including bread and patisserie items, and their own dairy products. The hampers launched in December, solving a problem and providing an improvement. 

Above all things, our role is to protect our clients, their guests, our team and our local community. However, we are only able to do this because of the support that you have so loyally given us. At no time have we felt that more than in 2020, and we hope that you too have felt the benefit of a team invested in taking care of your home. 

Our experience from our first contact has been exemplary. Professional, friendly and helpful we felt that a weight had been lifted off our shoulders from the outset.
Holiday home owner, Salcombe

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