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Preparing to maximise New Year at your holiday home

The little details that make all the difference

None of us are entirely sure where this year has gone, but with the loss of our Easter holidays and the start of the summer having been delayed, more of us are looking forward to autumn visits to South Devon and East Cornwall than ever before. So, let’s make the most of it!

For private holiday homeowners who missed out on valuable family time at the start of the year, this autumn and Christmas are an opportunity to really celebrate time together. Meanwhile, for those who let their properties, the rise in bookings through October and November to meet summer levels, means there’s an opportunity to make up for revenue lost earlier in the year.  For all of us, time at home, whether it’s our own or a holiday let, has become even more valuable, so the little details have more meaning than ever. 

By November we will be returning board games and books to properties, as well as other little extras that people can enjoy. However, there are also other things that can really enhance the experience.  Perhaps you would like to put White Company toiletries in the bathrooms for that little sense of hotel luxury.  Or maybe you would like to arrive to seasonal decorations, from Halloween wreaths on the front door to Christmas trees inside?

If you would like support decorating your home to make the most of the winter season, contact your Property Manager for more information.