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Pebbles supports Kingsbridge Scouts

Community is a huge part of life at Pebbles.  

We purposely chose to have our offices the heart of our hometown in Salcombe, our team is recruited entirely from the local area, and we are constantly humbled by the warmth and support that our team gets from the surrounding community.  

Giving back

We think of our role within the surrounding area is being part of an ecosystem.  Supporting one another and bolstering individuals, groups and businesses wherever we can.  With that in mind we always look to give back wherever possible.

We feel that investing in our team is also about happiness beyond the workplace, and with the surrounding communities in Kingsbridge and Salcombe being such a point of pride and personal value to members of the team, Pebbles is a regular contributor to local initiatives.  In the past 18 months we have contributed to the spectacular effort of the all-female transatlantic rowing team Astro-to Atlantic and we have sponsored the junior and women’s Kingsbridge rugby teams.

Family values

Most recently we have also sponsored new signage at the Scout’s Hut in Kingsbridge. Pebbles is a family business.  Not only because it was founded by mother/son team Deb and James, and not just because James and his wife Kat are also the proud parents of two inquisitive and vivacious boys.  It’s also because family life and supporting members of the team to balance work and family life with their own partners and children, is also a fundamental part of what makes us who we are.

As a result, we have a particular interest in developing and supporting organisations that really enhance life skills and enjoyment of the local area.  The Scouts have a longstanding tradition of doing all of those things, praised for their special community impact, and as a charitable organisation is dependent on local support. They provide adventurous activities and personal development opportunities for over 7,500 boys and girls aged six to 25 in Devon, with a desire to have fun, play games, learn new skills and have outdoor activities.

As maintenance is one of the things we know a little something about, it is only fitting that Pebbles is one of a number of businesses contributing to the ongoing maintenance of signage in particular at the Kingsbridge Scouts.  In doing so we hope to play a small part in the continuation of the charity’s ongoing tradition of support, development and goodwill in the community.

The biggest thing for me at Pebbles has been finding such a lovely group of people to work with.

Carol, Senior Housekeeper

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