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Pebbles introduces custom built Property Dashboard

After six years of planning, designing and strategising, Pebbles is launching a new online interface for clients, which will keep you up-to-date with your property in real time.

Taking our service transparency and team professionalism to an exceptional level, the Dashboard is designed so that you’re fully in the picture when you’re away.  No more depending only on email, phone or SMS to know how a maintenance fix is progressing, when your windows are going to be cleaned, how the new paint colour works in the hall, or how the Magnolia is flowering this season.  You can forget, and log in whenever you need to remember.  You will know what’s happening at your property when it happens.  

The Dashboard will also act as a photo archive of the property for us all to refer to at any given time, to help us to communicate more effectively and make sure everything is always up to the high standards we provide you.

EU funding has played a part in the project, with 40% of the costs coming from the South Devon Local Coastal Action Group (LAG), a partnership originally set up in 2008 to invest in economic, environmental and community based projects, and assisting Pebbles in particular in recognition of the company’s business potential for skilled job creation.

EU funding has played a part in the project in recognition of the company’s business potential for skilled job creation.

A unique software system for South Devon property owners

Working with talented Devon software developer, Dan Brown of SFW, Dartmoor, the system was created uniquely for Pebbles, and has three key functions:

1) Transparency: the dashboard allows real time and improved communication between Pebbles and you .  When George the Gardens Manager finishes the replacement deck, for example, with three taps of his smart phone, he will post a photo of it to your Dashboard ‘Scrapbook’ so you can see what he and his team have accomplished straight away.  When Property Manager Georgina discovers that one of the porch tiles is missing and she actions a maintenance man to attend before the storm, you will see the details, including the photo she has sent him, see when the tile is due to be repaired, then when the work is complete.  Simply by logging in.

2) Organisation: the Dashboard will allow you to see all schedules arranged for your property, including the next time the window cleaner is visiting, when the decorators are scheduled to be in situ, and the bookings you’ve registered for your own visits or bookings registered on your behalf of your visits or those of guests - You can share your log-in with family or a PA, who might like to know when your home is available.  If you need to make any changes to scheduled events to accommodate new plans, you always have the most up to date information to hand.  Your invoices will also be available to download.

3) Communication: the dashboard is interactive so it isn’t just for us to keep you informed, it’s also for you to tell us what you’d like.  If you would like to add a hamper to your next visit you can do it, if you want to book yourselves into your holiday home and block out the dates so you’re not surprised by a Property Manager on a regular Property Check, you can do that as well.  We might only be available for non-emergencies 9-5 six days/wk but the Property Dashboard is available every hour of every day.  

The Property Dashboard launches on the 1st of April 2017.  To log in visit our new website, enter your primary email in the username field and ‘123’ in the password field; you will be asked to set a unique, secure password, then away you go!

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