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Ensuring your exquisite private second home is secure and cared for when you’re away

Property Management is a very personal experience for home owners, particularly at a private second home, where a key emphasis is security.  Pebbles Property Management for private second homes recognises that each home and owner has very specific requirements.  

Tailoring the service to deliver a personal experience, each client has a dedicated Property Manager who is their single-point-of-call, dedicated to learning the requirements of their client as well as their property.  

The property keys are kept securely, the actions of the Property Manager and their associates are professional and fully-insured, and each Property Manager is trained to provide an expert service.  The property management service can be relied upon 24/7 365 days of the year.

On occasion, there are the things you couldn’t possibly have foreseen and we can take care of those too. Such as the time we found a baby adder setting up residence in the shower at a private home between owner visits.

Making your property is secure

Of chief importance is the on-going security of the property.  Achieved through weekly or fortnightly property checks by property managers and followed with SMS messages to home owners to keep them up to date on checks and property developments, such as maintenance that may need to be organised. 

Our attention to detail is particularly valued on these visits, security is further ensured by having someone appear at the property so that it’s clear to the outside world it is never empty.  Post is also collected and sent on as required, making sure nothing clearly marks an absence in the house.  

No surprises on arrival

During those checks, we review the heating settings for upcoming needs so that home owners arriving in the winter are not greeted by frosty rooms or frozen pipes. We also look out for open windows or unlocked doors that may have been forgotten when the most recent guests, be they friends or family, left. 

When property owners visit, we make your stay that much easier by tweaking our property checks to make sure beds are made and the house is as you would like to find it upon arrival, whilst tidying up after departure.  We also make sure that any maintenance events, such as replacing fence panels, are completed before you next arrive at your property, so it doesn’t interfere with your holiday.  If any more significant concern arises, such as damp patches on the ceilings, we contact you immediately and arrange the necessary actions as preferred. This means you can arrive to a home that feels welcoming rather than one that has been closed up for a period of time. 

Knowing the nature of coastal weather from time to time, on our visits we check for damage in rough weather such as flooding or broken roof tiles, and whether we do your gardening or not, we will check that the lawn isn’t being damaged by moles, the leaves eaten by slugs or the fences brought down by a high wind.  As a result, owners can even be safe in the knowledge that if something was left amiss in the rush and fuss of leaving, such as taps being left on, it will be seen to and rectified within a short space of time.

Emergency call outs

When we’re not on site, we’re available 24/7 365 days of the year for a one-hour response time.  We register our contact details with the emergency services in relation to your property so that in the rare occurrence of an emergency concern in your absence we are available to get to your home quickly.  When the alarm sounds, we’re only too happy to meet the emergency services to find it’s a false alarm.

When our property management service is called on to manage a fault, we have prompt access to Pebbles’ handymen and an expert team of technicians, offering skills such as carpentry, tiling and decorating.  We also have a valued network of trade specialists such as electricians and plumbers, who are selected annually for the quality of their work and speed of response.  

Of course our property managers know their limits and when a task requires more than a prompt response or a quick fix, they turn to the Refurbishment Project Manager, who works week-in week-out with our technicians and network of tradespeople, along with surveyors, engineers and architects as required, to provide dependable property improvements. 

Taking care of the details

On occasion, there are the things you couldn’t possibly have foreseen however, and we can take care of that too. Take the time we found a baby adder setting up residence in the shower at a private home between owner visits and ensured it was safely removed.  After all, it’s a marvellous and diverse wildlife we have here in Devon but you don’t necessarily want it in the bathroom!

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