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Jessica's Story

Jessica joined Pebbles as a cleaner in 2004, after the birth of her son, Finley. She cared for the homes of residents, second homes and holiday homes. 

Jessica worked as part of a team of 3-8 cleaners, often alongside Pebbles’ Director, Deborah.

By 2005 Pebbles had grown quickly and help was needed in the office with bookkeeping. Deborah spotted Jessica's eye for detail, communications skills and exceptional customer service and put her forward for the new position. A quick chat over a coffee with managing Director James and Deborah and that was that!

From 2005 to 2008 Jessica worked as the right-hand lady to the Directors and together they established the foundations of the administration and accounts processes that underpin Pebbles today. During this time Jessica not only had her daughter, Avalon, but undertook NVQs provided by Pebbles to support her professional development and was promoted through Housekeeper, Admin Assistant to Bookkeeper.

Deborah: "Jessica is at the heart of Pebbles. She's a rock for everyone in the team, gives a reliable service to our clients and partners, and she always looks for ways to improve what we do for everyone."

In 2008 Jessica undertook a course in Accountancy provided by Pebbles and in 2009 she received promotion to Accounts Manager. 

James: 'In 2009 business was growing very quickly. The only way we were going to succeed was to learn our developing roles quickly and to carry on doing what we knew best - giving a 5* service to everyone who walked through the door. Pebbles paid for training for us all - I started a year-long course of my own, Jessica grasped the nettle with her accountancy training, then on we sailed!"

By 2011 Jessica's role was almost full-time and the new ideas and number of new clients had become so much that a small Accounts department was needed to keep up Pebbles dependable standards. An accountant position was created to deal with the back-end accounts functions, training courses were provided to both Accounts roles on accounts software to bolster experience with qualification, then in 2013 a part-time accounts assistant joined the team.

Today Jessica manages all Pebbles client accounts and Partner and supplier accounts: she is the warm, familiar face and voice of Pebbles accounts administration. Jessica's accountancy skills and knowledge of Pebbles means that she can not only answer the questions asked of someone in her position but that she is often called on to answer questions on everything else too!

Jessica: "I'd still like to take further accountancy training but my family come first. I'm very happy where I am ... for the moment! It's been an interesting journey so far - fun and challenging. We've got a great team now and who knows what might happen next!" 

It's been an interesting journey so far - fun and challenging.

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