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How to support local talent

Nurturing local talent is one of the cornerstones of our business, and as the busiest time of the year approaches for property management and property maintenance services in Salcombe, Pebbles minds are firmly focused on supporting our staff, both seasonal and permanent.  

Through apprenticeships, upskilling, the Pebbles perks, flexible working, and encouraging a sense of community at work, Pebbles has always been, and continues to be, committed to providing long term possibilities for talented people, supporting individual growth and development to ensure a secure future for all involved in the business.  This ethos has been crystallised in our support of the YABAAs - the annual Youth and Business Achievement Awards, which started in 2015.

Founded by the Kingsbridge 16-24 Work Club, the YABAAs identify where talent lies, and works to recognise, celebrate, inspire and motivate local 16–24 year olds and local employers, businesses and professionals in order to continue to make a positive community to live and work in.

Each award is sponsored by a local company, with categories including Apprentice of the Year, Apprentice Employer of the Year, the Jack Tanner Legacy Award, Learner of the Year, Employer of the Year, Mentor/Volunteer/Enabler of the Year, and most Entrepreneurial 16-24 Year Old.  

From the start, Pebbles has been a supporter and award provider for the YABAAs, sponsoring the Learner of the Year award each year.  It is for a 16–24 year old who has been involved with any internal or external training, distance learning or further education, who may have overcome obstacles, who stands out as a shining example to motivate and inspire others.  In 2016, this was awarded to Harriet Baker of the 16-24 Work Club.  

The team is wonderful to work with
Former apprentice, Carly

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Pebbles talent support in practice

At Pebbles we also support our team with ongoing learning and development at all levels.  Our book keeper, Jess, joined us as a cleaner in 2004 after the birth of her son, Finley, and when we realised her eye for detail, communications skills and exceptional customer service, we promoted her.  From 2005 to 2008 Jess worked as the right-hand lady to the Directors, and during this time undertook NVQs provided by Pebbles to support her professional development.  Ultimately she was promoted from Housekeeper to Admin Assistant and then to Bookkeeper.

Pebbles apprentices

Pebbles apprenticeship scheme is also a growing part of the business.  In 2014 Carly joined us as a Customer Service Apprentice whilst studying at South Devon College for a Level 2 NVQ in customer service and an Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Customer Service.  At the end of her apprenticeship she was awarded South Devon College Customer Service Apprentice of the Year and became a full time member of staff at Pebbles, where she continues to thrive today. 

Supporting career development

In 2017 Pebbles has opened positions for three new apprentices in customer service, decorating and gardening, finding that these transitional roles are instrumental in providing new members of staff with a pathway to the career they want.  

The appeal of such roles has been wide ranging, from Carly who was looking to change careers having previously worked as a carer, to students, like Jemima, who have worked with us on a seasonal part time basis throughout their studies and are looking to hone their skillset for the jobs market. 

With the YABAAs scheduled for November 2017, they are currently recruiting support from local businesses who want to sponsor the awards this year, continuing to work for a brighter future in our local area.

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