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How the right management company benefits you and your estate

In essence, an effective Managing Agent takes care of the management of a block or estate for the owner.  

In the case of coastal blocks or estates in the South West, the owner is likely to be a Management Company, the shareholders (& Directors) of which own property in the block or on the estate.  .  

What separates Pebbles’ offering from the rest is our specialist understanding of coastal properties, managing the requirements of owners who are both leaseholders and freehold shareholders, and properties with mixed tenure including commercial holiday lets, private second homes and occasionally permanent residency. 

See our case studies on The Salcombe and Blue View for examples of estates managed by Pebbles with anything both large and small, from four to 50 owners or other stakeholders, respectively.

Communication is much easier, and the owners are much happier!

Duncan Massey, Director at The Salcombe

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What a Managing Agent service includes

The Agent’s service will provide a combination of risk management, financial planning and reporting, service fee and sinking fund administration, maintenance planning and procurement, communication and secretarial.  Each block and estate requires a tailored service and at Pebbles the first step for a new client would be a meeting to match requirement with scope of service.

Each property is allocated a dedicated Property Manager, provided fortnightly property checks to ensure freehold insurance requirements are met, and owners are given access to our custom built online Property Dashboard for realtime progress updates.

Property owner feedback

“I have the dual pleasure of being an owner, and a freeholder in a block or 35 private apartments in Salcombe.  We took the decision to appoint the local property management company - Pebbles - to fully manage all aspects of our property, and to provide our Company Secretariat for the Board, a couple of years ago. One of the first actions Pebbles undertook was to assess the communication between the Board and the other owners.  Communication of course is always likely to be a problem.  The solution Pebbles came up with was to design a dedicated website, called Salcombe Online  which had free access to all members, and was backed up by the Dwellant online tool.  The website has been a small revolution in terms of the development of The Salcombe, and has certainly brought our communications into the 21st century.  Communication is much easier, and the owners are much happier!”

For more information on estate and block management contact Managing Director James Spencer on

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