We launched the Safeguarding Programme at the beginning of June 2020. The welfare of our employees and contractors, our communities, our clients and their guests, is our priority.

Our programme consolidates Government guidance and best practice from industry. For our holiday let clients in particular it also accounts for almost every recommendation made by marketing agents.

We continuously review to ensure our Safeguarding Programme is exceptional.

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How new owners retained Pebbles to make their seven bedroom, five star holiday home, even better

Pebbles has delivered property management services to The Wood in Salcombe for more than 10 years. It was one of the first properties to join us when our journey began, and it’s a relationship that has grown and developed across the years. When the owners decided to sell the house in 2017, they recommended that new owners, Martin and Ursula, continue to use Pebbles services. And so the relationship entered a new phase.

With their vision for their holiday home, Martin and Ursula set about making plans to refurbish The Wood to make it their own, and in doing so enlisted the support of Pebbles refurbishment services as well.  Here, Ursula explains why she chose to work with Pebbles and how the relationship has added value to the refurbishment process… 

Why did you choose to continue using Pebbles when you bought The Wood?

Pebbles came highly recommended by the people we bought the house from, and as we do not live close by it was going to be extremely difficult to keep an eye on things ourselves. Deb has known the house for around 10 years and knows all its idiosyncrasies, which for us was really useful. It’s had various things done to it over time and Pebbles has done all the work, so knowing they were familiar with it and knew how to look after it gave me real peace of mind.

Why did you choose Pebbles to help with your refurbishment?

Deb introduced me to Pebbles Head of Refurbishment Katherine Spencer, and together they felt like a very strong team. We had been very happy with the property management services they had provided, and their maintenance team had done a few bits for us so we had already started to build a good relationship. Again, we liked that the team as a whole knew the house, and then when I met Kat I immediately liked her. I felt very comfortable with her and she understood what we were trying to do with the house. 

What were you really pleased with about the process?

She was empathetic and sympathetic to what we wanted to achieve, but she was also super organised and incredibly efficient which was wonderful. Everything was well documented, she always got back to me and she was happy to organise the things I suddenly thew at her. Like when I wanted to change the Aga which meant getting a crane in to remove the old one.

Kat was also very helpful in going out to tender with people rather than just sticking to people she always uses, which made me feel really comfortable with the process. She was open minded and sensitive to getting the best person and the best price we could. 

I think overall it worked really nicely as I felt as though I was involved and organising the project from afar but I didn’t have to worry as Kat was taking care of all the details.  In the end I was really pleased with the results, and even where there were very minor problems, Kat dealt with them sympathetically and diplomatically. She was never afraid to say if something needed to be done better, but she always handled everything and everyone very well and very sensitively.

How do you feel having Pebbles involved added value to the experience?

It added value by making it easier. I might have been able to do it myself but Kat is able to do it much better because it’s her job. She does it well, she has good relationships with the different contractors, and she’s there when we’re not, which is crucial. We also know that if she’s going to use her contractors again then it’s in everyone’s interests for the project to go well.  So the extra cost of having her project management team involved felt like money well spent.

I might have been able to do it myself but Kat is able to do it much better because it’s her job. She does it well, she has good relationships with the different contractors, and she’s there when we’re not, which is crucial.
Ursula, home owner

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