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How exceptional housekeeping and management achieves exceptional bookings

For holiday home owners their property is an opportunity to create another stream of income.  Properties we manage can generate between £40,000 - £135,000 revenue per annum.  To achieve premium letting rates and exceptional booking quantities takes an experienced understanding of the letting market, knowledge of prerequisite holiday home facilities, and reliable attention to detail, by the team who care for your holiday home.

There are definitely set up costs when it comes to holiday homes.  Not simply in buying and perhaps refurbishing a property to take it to market, but also in making sure all the details are taken care of to turn an acceptable holiday let into the exceptional kind that generates a higher level of income. 

However, through the experience of our management team, our property owners have been able to report real financial benefit from investing in their homes with Pebbles, in addition to the enhanced personal enjoyment value of the properties.

Seaquest sold at a 17% profit after just 18 months
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Set up for success

For example, at Sea Edge in Cornwall, an extraordinary property that mimics a ship with its panoramic sea views and seamless lines, we worked with the owners to organise everything from all safety certificates to stocking the kitchen with oils, herbs, salt, pepper, coffee, setting up the Playstation, and finding someone to clean the hot tub on a Saturday changeover at a remote location.  

These are the details which prompted back to back bookings in its first year of letting, and owner Chris Knudsen to comment: “The house will present MUCH better with this care and your hard work and detailed eye is much appreciated.”

Crucially, at Pebbles, these details are registered and indexed, right down to the positioning of the sofa cushions, in order to ensure that the standards set by the owner and their dedicated property manager are honoured at all times and at every changeover.  This increases the likelihood of repeat bookings by ensuring consistently high standards. 

The house will present MUCH better with this care and your hard work and detailed eye is much appreciated.
Sea Edge property owner

Tried and tested details make the difference

However, it is not just the evergreen details that make a difference to improving customer experience and thereby increasing your repeat bookings.  Beauport Cottage in Newton Ferrers is a three bedroom property that has been designed to exquisite perfection, but they also continue to take care of every detail from Christmas trees to immediately painting over any scuff marks left by guests before the next ones arrive.  

Other carefully considered details include Sky TV (with sports and movie package), Blu-Ray, a Denon sound system and Nespresso and Heston Blumenthal coffee machine, while private parking is always at a premium, a cot and highchair are provided, as is linen, towels and logs for the fire.  The artfully presented summerhouse is also a key feature of the exquisite property, carefully considered to make the most of the waterside location, watching the sailing boats bob by.

This is a cottage where no stone is left unturned in the quest for high value and holiday perfection, and in return it lets continuously for £5500 per weekend.  While the annual expenditure of £1000 on Christmas decorations may not be necessary for everyone, this is a home where maintaining a high reputation is in direct proportion to the letting values, something we see time and again.

Please thank everyone for all your very hard work.
Beauport Cottage property owner

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Letting agency support

Some clients prefer to let their holiday homes themselves through AirBnB or Owners Direct, while others prefer to go through an agency of choice like Perfect Stays, Unique Home Stays or Helpful Holidays.  

A positive working relationship between property management and the letting agent is a really strong ally in working towards a well informed and carefully considered approach to letting your property successfully.  We work with the best of the regions agents and help our clients to find the most effective letting solution for their holiday home, at times helping owners to achieve 2-3 times their existing letting revenue.

Both the letting agency and the management company will demand high standards of your home in order to maximise its potential, and to this end ongoing assessments will ensure nothing is taken for granted as time goes on.  At Pebbles for example, our property management service includes a condition report every two years , which helps, prioritising areas for consideration and providing costs for those works for your budgeting, to improve property standards each season, and helping to continuously improve letting revenues for owners.

Equally, at letting agencies where we value our relationships highly, their own annual ratings system evaluates your property and looks for areas of potential improvement.  For example, this year Beauport Cottage, which is let by Unique Home Stays, scored top marks in the letting agent’s assessments and retained its five star standard for its fourth season with Pebbles, with owners saying: “I am so pleased, thank you all so much [the property] feels and looks so beautiful on arrival.  Please thank everyone for all your very hard work.” 

I am so pleased, thank you all so much [the property] feels and looks so beautiful on arrival.
Beauport Cottage property owner

Long term value

Of course, there is always a two-pronged approach to income from a holiday home, and while the revenue from lettings is of ongoing and detailed consideration, so too is the value of the property itself.  

As a case in point, we worked with the owners of Seaquest, who bought a property as a holiday cottage in Hope Cove while living in Edinburgh.  Having contacted us to manage the refurbishment project when they first purchased the property in 2016, the project was a complete renovation inside and out including removing walls and rearranging the property layout.  

On completion, the property let immediately and has been one of the best performing properties on the letting agent’s rental books courtesy of the ongoing property management that ensured high standards of service alongside the high quality of the property made it a sound holiday investment.

However, in 2017, the owners decided to move to Devon and in doing so, sold Seaquest in order to buy a larger property, selling at a 17% profit after just 18 months.  They said: “we sold it for a significant profit thanks to the quality of the Pebbles refurbishment.”

There are a great many details that go into making an exceptional property achieve exceptional lettings, and after 15 years and some of the best partners in the industry, we might not have all the answers, but we certainly have a lot of them.

We sold it for a significant profit thanks to the quality of the Pebbles refurbishment
Seaquest property owners

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