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How working at Pebbles is helping me towards my dream to be a musician

Billy has been a part time member of the Pebbles team since he was 19.  

Returning year on year throughout his university career, for a summer job that fits in around term time, helps him to cover the costs of university life and achieve his long term goals to become a professional musician, without interfering with his studies.  

Here, he explains how he came to join the team and what he enjoys about working at Pebbles…

How did you first start working with Pebbles?

I got the job at Pebbles through my girlfriend Lily when I was 19 years old. She had already been working at Pebbles for a few years, so it was easy for me to integrate into the job alongside her. Working at Pebbles was also ideal for me because I had a lot of flexibility with my shifts, which meant I could work around my music career, especially in the summer when I was performing at music festivals and gigs a lot with my band.

What are you up to at the moment when you're not at Pebbles?

At the moment I am studying music at the Leeds Conservatoire, specialising in percussion.

What do you want to do when you leave university?

When I leave uni I will continue working as a musician. I would also like to produce my own music and travel around the world performing it.

How does working at Pebbles fit in around university?

When I am back home in Devon for holidays, Pebbles is happy to give me shifts. This is really ideal as a student because I can earn extra money in the holidays when I'm not studying, which really helps me cover the costs of uni life. 

What do you like about working at Pebbles?

I enjoy working at Pebbles because I get to work in beautiful areas of Devon, so I get to see some of the most amazing views whilst I work. 

Would you recommend it to anyone else looking for a summer job and why?

I would definitely recommend Pebbles as a summer job because of the friendly staff and flexibility with shifts.


It's really ideal as a student because I can earn extra money in the holidays when I'm not studying, which really helps me cover the costs of uni life.