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How Pebbles Housekeeping ensures quality

For 14 years we’ve honed our Housekeeping through trained skills and experience to deliver a sustainably high quality of service.  Like all services at Pebbles, it is a service that we continuously improve and evolve.  For example, we’re seeking a 3.4m iron this spring in order for Super King duvets to be pressed without the crease from this summer.

The core value in our Housekeeping exists in its reliability, its accessibility – we even manage requests for same day visits, our professionalism and the the continuous pursuit for a higher level of attention to detail in what we do.

To achieve dependable standards we rely on, team training with recognition and reward where it’s due, detailed property indexes and checklists, three layers of quality management to monitor and improve where need be, and a caring approach to colleagues so we recruit and retain the best the area has to offer.

What you have done - little quirks and changes - are totally noted and massively appreciated.

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Ongoing training

Our approach to training and coaching sets us apart in the industry, locally but also on a much wider scale, which is evidenced by the requests we receive from others in the hospitality industry for a consultancy service – something we’ve resisted so far!  

Key features include a defined five-step training programme with ‘crib sheets’; an induction followed by 2-4 weeks shadowing a senior housekeeper who’s trained to be a Trainer;  one-to-ones, an annual appraisal and team meetings with Manager Laura and Assistant Manager Louise to ensure flow of constructive feedback and coaching; also recognition and reward for positive internal feedback or feedback for the client/guest feedback forms. 

Interdepartmental and external training

When housekeepers start to go to properties with their own team of cleaners, their work continues to be checked by a senior housekeeper until we are satisfied that they have a complete understanding of Pebbles standards.  

Moving forward, Property Managers and Housekeeping Management rate housekeepers with key performance indicators that allow us to monitor standards on a visit by visit basis.  That way, we can understand each individual’s strengths, and team people together to allow for the best results and to facilitate interdepartmental training.

Pebbles is also aware of the importance of bringing in new ideas in order to maintain the highest standards possible.  So we regularly bring in external management and leadership training for all levels of the housekeeping team.

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