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Pebbles School

Helping others work safely – our School

Online courses launching this autumn

Training is a cornerstone – the keystone perhaps, for the exceptional service standards we strive for.  

Our quality management methods have become well known over the years since our launch in 2004, not only in the South West but amongst providers and marketing agents of holiday homes across the UK and overseas (though it feels immodest to say).  

During the national lockdown we were approached, also our communications were monitored, by many associates seeking to learn from our response to the pandemic.

A major area of interest was our Safeguarding Programme with particular regard for Housekeeping services.  The Safeguarding Programme was set up to manage Covid 19 risk to the safety of employees, contractors, clients, their guests, and the communities in which we work.

For most of these associates, they run micro or small businesses, and simply do not have the infrastructure or expertise to understand the threat, to build a management plan or to implement it confidently.  Questions existed like “What PPE is necessary when?”  “How do I tie a mask so that it’s effective?”  “Am I alone worrying about this?” 

For other associates, with medium or large companies often incorporating booking management and marketing functions, their resource was inevitably directed to processing a tidal wave of guest communications.  Preparations for effective cleaning could only be on the periphery of their vision and when it could come in to focus, they found they needed reliable answers fast.

We helped where we could but it wasn’t enough.  We needed to be able to provide not only information but to share training in a constructive way, to give people the tools they need to feel confident to provide Housekeeping services, safely and comfortably. 

Although the number of cases of Covid-19 dropped for the summer, the need for our training only increased:  holiday home owners and marketing agents around the country were finding that cleaners and housekeepers were hanging up their rubber gloves!  Meanwhile the demand for holiday lets from UK guests has been higher than ever.

In this context, this month we are launching Pebbles School, on our website, making available online training to help Housekeepers and Cleaners, so that in turn they can help owners and marketing agents to accommodate guests.

The training course is testing and can be failed but it is fair and we believe will achieve the aims of the trainee.  If the course proves successful, we may look to share the expertise of other service areas of the business, and how we provide services specifically to meet the needs of owners of private and letting holiday homes.

“Very informative, thorough and definitely reassuring for my health and safety as an employee.”
Pebbles' School student