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Getting maximum enjoyment from your second home

Once upon a time, Somerset House in Salcombe was a small hotel.  Today it is a beautiful private second home showcasing exceptional taste and enjoying the luxurious standards of a high end hotel.

Having joined Pebbles more than five years ago, Somerset House is a wonderful example of how Pebbles’ Property Management service can support private home owners in South Devon.  It allows them to feel safe in the knowledge that the service meets it goals of caring for their property in their absence, and ensures that it is as they would like to find it when they arrive.  It is achieved with maximum trust, informative and effective communication and minimum fuss.

A beautiful property, it has grand rooms and a big entrance hall, four big bedrooms and a classic style throughout.  It is elegantly decorated with a small terraced garden and decking area - an idyllic Salcombe property that is very much loved by its owners who visit periodically throughout the year.

Regular property checks

Our weekly or fortnightly property checks mean that there is never an extended period of time when your home is not visited by a reliable member of the team, collecting post, ensuring everything is as it should be and in the wake of bad weather, checking for damage and seeing it is promptly repaired both inside and out.  These visits are followed by an SMS message to property owners to inform them that the check has taken place and advising on any maintenance to be organised by Pebbles.  With our new custom built dashboard, this information will also be added immediately, along with any scheduled works, to the client’s own secure page so they can stay up to date in real time.

Allowing you to enjoy your holiday

When property owners visit, they can get maximum enjoyment out of their private second home. After a long drive they can arrive to find the laundry done, the beds made, the view from the windows clear, and the facilities in good working order.  Equally, when they leave, the last moments of their holiday don’t need to be taken up with housekeeping because we can take care of that for them if they wish.

A tailored experience

The relationship between the client and their dedicated property manager is one of great trust and understanding; in relation to your private second home your property manager comes to act on your behalf as you would act for yourself, and that is something we value and work to safeguard from day one.

Arrive at your home knowing it's being cared for 

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