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From summer job to the management track

At Pebbles we take enormous pride in providing jobs that work for individuals at different stages of their lives. For example, our part-time and seasonal jobs are ideal for students. What we take most pride in however, is offering the potential for an ongoing career path within the company. For one of our team members, a recurring summer job turned into a full-time role during the pandemic. She now continues to progress, training towards a position in management.

A summer job that fit in around university 

Emily and her twin Isabel first joined the Pebbles team in 2016 as seasonal cleaners in the summer holidays whilst studying at university. In that time, Emily had experience with the housekeeping team as well as at our in-house laundry, getting to understand the different aspects of the business as well as the whole team, and even training as a team leader.

A change of plans during the pandemic

Following her degree, Emily went on to do a Masters in Computer Science. However, as the global pandemic hit in 2020, she found that a lack of contact time with tutors was detrimental to her educational experience and she chose to defer the remainder of the course to a later date. In the interim, she wanted to work, and chose to join us at Pebbles, returning to her role as a member of the housekeeping team.

A safe and supportive working environment

Emily’s experience and ongoing training over the previous four years meant she was able to seamlessly work with us in a more permanent capacity. Meanwhile, her familiarity with existing protocols meant she had a firm base on which to adapt her skills for the Covid-19 Safeguarding Programme that we implemented, feeling safe and confident in her job and working environment.

Ongoing career development

Pebbles’ work has meant that the company was largely able to stay open and continue providing its Property Management services through the majority of the pandemic, has meant that Emily was able to take on a role five days a week and work through lockdown safely. She has continued on-the-job training, overseen by a Senior Housekeeper. Any training that has not been possible to do safely in the field has been done as part of Zoom sessions along with other housekeepers, to ensure Pebbles’ protocols, standards and quality control measures continue to be met at all times.

Emily is now fully prepared for visitors returning this spring and summer. She also continues to enhance her role within the team as she prepares for further management training with external parters, in the hope she can matriculate further within the company.

Emily Soole - team