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Caring for your Salcombe property in a storm

Caring for your property in a storm

Winters in Devon have a reputation for bringing some dramatic storms to the south coast. It’s important to take proactive action to prevent damage to your home from tide, rain and wind where possible, and action repairs quickly if necessary.

At Pebbles, our Property Management team operates on a basis of prevention, fast reactions and communication with property owners in order to care for your home to exceptional standards.


If we know bad weather is coming in, we will carry out an extra property check in addition to scheduled checks, to make sure the property is secure before any storms strike, ensuring, for example, that sand bags and flood barriers are in place, windows are firmly secured, and outdoor belongings like garden furniture are safely stored away. Following any storms, we will do another on-site check to review see if for any damage that may have occurred.


Following an assessment, if there is any damage that needs to be repaired at your property after a storm, our maintenance team will take immediate action (for example, if there’s water damage we would install dehumidifiers), before organising value for money professional advice and/or quotes for the remedial work for you. All necessary works would be completed in a timely fashion, sensitive to upcoming visits by yourselves or guests.


Communication is key, and we pride ourselves on making sure property owners are always kept in the loop when it comes to their homes. If our checks discover damage, we will contact you with a detailed report including images of the areas of concern and recommendations for repair work needed, which you may require for your home insurance provider. During the process of tendering for the remedial works, you are kept informed and for significant remedial works, your property manager is in touch with you through to decision-making. We liaise with your insurance provider as you prefer.

Case studies

Seaways: in one particular storm, the property Seaways saw a number of tiles come off the roof, with several left hanging precariously. We organised a builder visit to remove the ones that could cause further damage and organised the quote for and managed the repair work.

Bralo: at Bralo in Kingsbridge, one storm caused a tree to come down, which luckily didn’t cause too much damage to the house. Several smaller branches had to be removed promptly before we could assess with two tree surgeons and arrange for removal of the whole tree. Thanks to the work of our in-house gardens team and our network of partner specialist tree surgeons, we were able to complete the task before the arrival of the owner two weeks after the storm.

We have been very impressed with the standard of cleanliness and readiness since you became our Property Manager, so I would also like to thank you for taking such care!

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