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A speedy response to a leak at a holiday home preventing costly damage

Fixing problems at record speed is one of the most valued parts of Pebbles Property Management, giving property owners peace of mind throughout the year for all those small issues that could cause big problems if left unattended.

A service built on trusted relationships with local specialists

Thanks to our 24-hour emergency response service and relationships with partner specialists, we’re able to fix problems faster than most would be able to. 

For property owners who live a long way away, or are managing holiday homes to letting guests from a distance, the service is especially helpful and reassuring, keeping damage at bay and making sure guests are happy even when things go wrong. 

Such was the case on one occasion at Sea Slippers in Salcombe, which has been cared for by Pebbles for a number of years.

Dealing with a small problem thoughtfully to prevent a bigger issue

While the owner’s sister and her family were staying at this charming second home, the shower started to leak. Having contacted Pebbles, we were able to get one of our trusted plumbers to site to fix the problem in under an hour.

Unfortunately, as sometimes happens with plumbing, there was then a second problem, this time with the Saniflo. Our plumber returned to site and fixed the problem, but in doing so noticed that the seal on the outlet was damaged and would most likely break when under pressure. 

He ordered a new and inexpensive section of pipe and replaced it within a week, before it had a chance to break. As a result, he was able to prevent any damage and fixed the problem while costs were minimal rather than waiting for it to reach the point of expensive repair work.

Providing solutions and keeping property owners informed

Throughout this process, property guests were kept fully informed, with a single point of contact at Pebbles, should they have any questions. Equally, property owner, Anna Fulford-Smith, was kept aware of what was happening at her second home with real time updates on our unique Client Dashboard, complete with written information and dates and times that the plumber was visiting.

She said: “Perfect - thanks for being so amazingly efficient!”

Perfect - thanks for being so amazingly efficient!
Property Owner, Anna Fulford-Smith